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A range of rainwater drainage systems

RwpClearflow siphonic

Using our extensive knowledge of the Siphonic industry RwpClearflow has developed a high flow capacity Siphonic
rainwater outlet capable of taking flows up to 46 L/S per outlet - nearly twice the amount of some earlier Siphonic outlets.

The product has been developed to work with all modern day construction methods and material types, allowing the outlet and adjoining Siphonic system to be used in virtually any new build or refurbishment.

RwpClearflow gravity assisted

There are times when a gravity assisted system is a better option, and our highly skilled team can help you determine which is best, and design, supply and install the relevant system.






Advantages of syphonic systems

  • Reduced diameter
  • Reduced number of down pipes
  • Less underground drainage connection points
  • More aesthetically pleasing
  • Easier co-ordination
  • Space saving

Advantages of gravity systems against siphonic

  • No need for high level internal collector

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